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About Us

Clínica Reencuentro PremiumAs part of the Clínicas Reencuentro group, Reencuentro Premium combines in one place, vast experience in the treatment of addictions, with all the comfort and tranquility that you or your loved one will need in order to achieve a quick and affective recovery.

Just like in all our other clinics, at Reencuentro Premium we have highly qualified personnel, with broad experience in the treatment of addictions. Doctors, psychologist, therapists coordinators, counselors and everyone that makes up the Reencuentro Premium team, is focused on guiding both the patient and his family trough the path that will lead them to recovery, so they are able to achieve peace, dignity and a real sense to life.

Trough the years, hundreds of families have trusted us with good and permanent results. We invite you to do the same.

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USA 1-877-842-1750 | México 01-800-788-0522 | Local 661-100-3742

We offer transportation service from anywhere in México and the United States.

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